SpendView™: Track, Visualize, and Report Spend Effortlessly

Automated Aggregate Spend and Compliance Confidence

You’ve executed successful events; captured HCP signatures; you’ve allocated your Speaker Bureau budgets properly. You think. But now you have to generate detailed governmental reports. Let SpendView™ take the manual work out of aggregate spend tracking and reporting.

Vector Health also supports pharma brands just getting started, who may need more turnkey options — from simply clean data in easy-to-visualize formats, to guidance and support for Price Transparency Reporting that is required in almost half the States. Our team of compliance subject matter experts provides start-ups with regular updates on current regulations to keep your team informed with the guidance and customized information you’ll need for your evolving requirements.

Get the ultimate in reporting capabilities, with compliance built right in.

Our SaaS-based aggregate spend platform interfaces with all leading tools like Concur, and all Vector Health solutions and gives you:

  • Immediate notice about any conflicts or issues
  • Complete visualization of your spending with easy to review Tableau reports – generated in real time
  • “One-Button” submission of your accurate report, reflecting current Sunshine Act and state requirements.

SpendView™ – The SaaS-based aggregate spend platform.

“We’ve been using SpendView as a part of EventView for a couple of years. It takes the data we collected and generates our reports on schedule. But it also makes it really easy to visualize all our spending in real time, and even flags any issues for us to keep our data clean and compliant.”
Operations Manager

SpendView is a robust solution for comprehensive compliance tracking and reporting.

Get the complete picture of your data, spending and generate accurate reporting with SpendView and Vector Health services. 

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