Join us as at the 14th Annual Forum on Transparency Aggregate Spend & HCP Engagement as Ned Mumtaz, Director of Compliance Vector Health and Natalia Morozkina, SeniorCompliance Manager at Otsuka Pharmaceuticals shed light on Open Payments Data Collection and Analytics.

Topic: Leverage Transparency Data for Informed Business Decisions

This is a highly interactive online session covering Global versus Local Compliance Models, Data
Analytics for Compliance Decisions and Risk Management. The speakers will discuss how a
robust cloud-based Aggregate Spend platform can facilitate Global and Local Transparency.
While, in-built monitoring and auditing capabilities that flags anomalies and check errors can
minimize compliance risk for better conformity to Business Policies.

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Ned Mumtaz

Ned Mumtaz

Ned Mumtaz has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked as Director for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Schering Plough, Eisai, and Otsuka. Additionally, he has also been a consultant and an advisor for over 50 drug, biologics and device manufacturers.


Natalia has previously spoken at the Aggregate Spend and Open Payments Conference. Her expertise lie in the Federal and State Aggregate Spend reporting requirements, Anti-kickback Statute and the Sunshine Act.